Originally posted September 12, 2015

Fermented Rice Wine

Fermented Rice Wine by Sarah Xiong

Fermented rice with the addition of rice flour can be used as a starter in my fatt koh, idli or chinese steamed rice cake. The liquid becomes rice wine. If you leave it to ferment room temperature long the alcohol content increases. I like my rice sweet and fruity so I refrigerate within a few days.


  • 2 lb glutinous rice
  • 1/2 ball rice wine yeast, crushed
  • half gal filtered water


Rinse and soak overnight. Reserve soaking water for rice toner.

Steam rice in bamboo basket for 30 minutes. Flip once, steam for another 10. Flip again, steam uncovered for 3 minutes to dry out the top.

Put whole bamboo basket with rice in it over the sink. Fan and stir a bit. Pour cool filtered water over the hot rice. Rice should be warm, but cool enough to touch.

Sprinkle yeast on bottom of large, wide bowl. Layer rice and yeast, alternating between layers. Mix with clean hands til yeast has disappeared. Spoon into extremely clean jars or a large plastic container. I use 2 half gallon glass jars. Set in a warm, dark place for 2-3 days. When is 90 degrees I wrap my jars in towels then set them outside.

After 2-3 days water will pool on the bottom and the rice will float. The rice should be ready to eat. Refrigerate and serve cold.



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