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Gulab Jamun in Hindi

Gulab Jamun in Hindi by punjabidesifoods

Gulab Jamun could be the very well-known desserts of India. The Majority of the People Today adore Gulab Jamun. Its manner of prep is simple nonetheless it's timeconsuming. You're ready to serve the Gulab Jamun on your own or topped with ice cream. It is served by you and can make the gulab jamun.


  • Khoa 300 Gram
  • Maida 35 gram
  • Baking powder 3 g
  • Sugar 1 kg
  • Water 1 kg
  • Ghee 500 gram


Freshly made khoa is divided to pieces. Baking powder is mixed into maida. This mixture mixed and is added to the khoa that were busted. Then adding small amounts of water before uniform dough is obtained kneads it. Care has to be exercised while stirring maybe not allowing oozing of fat. To prevent this, especially in summer, the vessel has been retained where the kneading is done upon a tray comprising chilled or ice water. The consistency of the dough ought to be such that when made in to balls that were small, it's a smooth, surface that is uncracked.

All the sugar is dissolved in water. Till syrup of consistency can be accessed, the solution is boiled. During this technique, 4 tablespoonfuls of milk have been inserted and also the scum that forms is ladled out to obtain syrup. That is retained in a container of sufficient depth so that a minimum depth of 10 cm has been got.

Now that the balls have been evaluation fried in sufficient ghee or vanaspathi in an shallow karahi in order to dip the balls thoroughly during frying. Extra care needs to be obtained during frying not to over fry or under fry them. The colour of the balls should be profound brown. 1 ball examined for the porosity and could possibly be cut into two. If found sufficient, the remaining balls could be fried.

When the porosity is insufficient level of coconut powder dissolved at quantity of plain water may be included with the dough and also the chunk making procedure is repeated and test frying done. Then small level of maida is added if the balls are too porous and also the testing process repeated.

After frying, the balls have been removed from the skillet and then immersed inside the glucose immediately. Some pressure could be implemented to ease their immersion. Even the gulab jamun is retained at room temperature for 12 or more hours before working out.



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Gulab Jamun in Hindi
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