Originally posted August 31, 2011

Glass of Water

Glass of Water by matt

Finally, how to pour a glass of water! Credit goes to an anonymous water pouring expert.


  • Water
  • A glass


1. Grab a glass from your cupboard. Be sure that it is not too large, nor too small, and most importantly, don't drop it, as it will break and everything you tried for will be ruined!

2. Slowly bring the glass beneath your faucet. Be sure not to chip or break the glass on the faucet itself, as faucets have a much higher E value than glass on the Rockwell Hardness Scale developed by Hugh M. Rockwell in 1908.

3. Turn on the faucet. Pay extra attention as to which knob you are turning. As one is hot, and the other is cold. Turn the cold one. This knob is usually marked with a C or the color blue. If you are red-blue colorblind, ask for assistance from a trusted source such as your Mom, or your Sister!

4. As the water line approaches the top of the glass, turn off the faucet completely. Ideally, there should be a centimeter of space between the water line and the top of the glass. You can easily use a dime to measure this distance.

4. If you want this glass of water to be extra special, you may garnish with an orange slice!


  • commented 3 months ago

    I had no idea before I read this. i dont know how to eat it tho...

  • commented 6 months ago

    ty i was so confused on how to make this, it was sososoososososo hard


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