Originally posted August 31, 2011

Loser Lunch

Loser Lunch by josh

Photo by Carl Buddig

What your mother told you not to eat.


  • 1 Pack Carl Buddig (Ham, Beef, Pastrami or Chicken)
  • Plochman's Mustard
  • 2 slices Wonder Bread
1 sandwich


Put one slice of bread on plate.

Open packet of Carl Buddig, remove slab of papered meat product.

Center meat slab on bread in your favorite orientation. I prefer orthogonal. Do not try to replicate the wavy meat patterns shown on package, you will waste countless seconds trying to make the impossible.

Blast mustard directly onto meat, try to make a solid circle about the size of a silver dollar. Be wary of the dreaded mustard plug!

Place second slice of bread upon meat and mustardy goodness.

Give sandwich a nice smashy-smash to distribute the mustard evenly.

Enjoy with Kool-aid or 2% milk.

30 seconds



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