Originally posted October 26, 2011

Soft Boiled Egg with Soldiers

Soft Boiled Egg with Soldiers by Jodi

Eggs and Soldiers are one of our favorite meals! The kids love it! They enjoy watching the eggs boil quickly, getting their salt ready in the hats, making sure the toast is cut nice and straight, cracking the eggs and watching how runny the yolks are and finally eating them slowly, all sorts of ways. I love making them because it's the easiest meal there is!


  • Farm Egg (So you know they are full of crazy good nutrients)
  • sea salt
  • toast spread with yummy butter


Boil the eggs for exactly 4 minutes.
Cut 2/3 up from the bottom.
Sprinkle with salt.
Dip the soldiers (toast) in the yolk and ENJOY!


  • commented over 6 years ago

    I love this! What a great, quick breakfast!

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