Originally posted December 10, 2011

Practically Free Dry Soda

Practically Free Dry Soda by Humuhumu

Photo by Humuhumu

When I cut sugary sodas from my diet, I missed the bubbles, but quickly lost my taste for sweet drinks. I bought a SodaStream (recommended highly), and while I like straight soda, I wanted to play with flavors without resorting to syrup. Turns out a dear, old childhood friend was what I was wanting: Black Cherry Kool-Aid. OH YEAAAAAAAH!


  • 12 oz soda water
  • sprinkle of unsweetened Black Cherry Kool-Aid powder, to taste
  • ice
1 drink


Sprinkle a bit of Kool-Aid powder into a glass, add ice & soda water.

I keep the powder from a bunch of Kool-Aid packets in one of those spice containers with a magnetic bottom that sticks to my refrigerator.

1 minute


  • commented almost 9 years ago

    this is awesome. my friend is trying to quit soda. this is the perfect placebo.

  • commented almost 12 years ago

    This is brilliant! I have a SodaStream, and it never occurred to me to do this.


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