Originally posted October 15, 2011

Savory Oatmeal #1

Savory Oatmeal #1 by belinda

Oatmeal's supposed to be so great for you, but I'm not a fan. I've been eating it as a forced healthy breakfast. I got tired of adding maple syrup and brown sugar so I thought I'd go savory. Cheese makes everything better.


  • steel cut oats or rolled oats
  • olive oil
  • flaky sea salt
  • cracked pepper
  • aged sharp cheddar
1 serving


Cook oatmeal according to directions on package.

Add olive oil, salt, pepper, and cheese to taste.

15 min


  • commented over 12 years ago

    this is like fancy grits!

  • commented over 12 years ago

    Oatmeal's so filling, I don't need to make it a gut buster!

  • commented over 12 years ago

    How come you didn't put a fried egg on it?

  • commented over 12 years ago

    Cheese! So brilliant...

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