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Nancy Silverton's Basic Loaf: Country White

Nancy Silverton's Basic Loaf: Country White by belinda

My friend got me a bread starter class Groupon and we left the class with sourdough bread starter. My roommate gave me Nancy Silverton's book and he has all the gear to make bread. The recipe below halves Nancy's recipe to make one boule while hers makes two:


Making bread is super labor intensive and my loaf, while tasty, is horribly misshapen. I'm not sure why.


  • So, this is the recipe for a single loaf, half of her recipe, and adjusted for a 100% hydration starter:
  • adjusted for 100% hydration starter half amount recipe:
  • to get a single "part" of her starter, divide by 5
  • 171g starter (171/5=34g)
  • 485g flour
  • 291g water (257g water + 34g = 291g)
  • 20g wheat germ
  • 8g salt
1 loaf


Feed the starter at night, again in the morning.

2pm - Mix the dough
(The guide for the timing is the 5 hour (mine was 6 hours) rise before the dough is placed into the refrigerator for 8 to 12 hours, but not more than 24 hours.)

Mix the starter, water, wheat germ, and flour in the mixer with the dough hook until the dough is formed.
Silverton says 5 minutes - I found the dough formed after 3 minutes, and the dough ball had cleaned the sides of the bowl thoroughly.

Cap the mixing bowl, and let rest for 20 minutes (autolyse).

Add the salt, and mix until the dough is 78 degrees. (I never saw the thermometrer rise a single degree, but I ended up hand kneading for about 10 minutes.)

3pm - First Rise
Place the dough in to a well oiled plastic container for about 4 hours. The volume should double.
(my rise took 5 hours)

8pm - Preshape
Preshape the dough on a floured surface, cover with dusted proofing cloth for 15 minutes.

8:20pm - Intermediate Rise
Shape the boule, place the dough in to a proofing bowl lined with a dusted proofing cloth with the seam side up.
Cover the dough with an oiled piece of plastic for 1 hour at room temperature. The volume should increase by 25%.

9:20pm - Retard the rise
Place the proofing basket in the refrigerator overnight.

8am - The Final rise
Remove the basket, and remove the plastic, and cover with a proofing cloth. Proof for about 3 hours, when the dough has doubled in size, or when the dough is 62 degrees.

10:30am - Oven preheat
about 30 minutes before baking, preheat the oven, stone, and roasting pan to about 500 degrees.

11:00am - Bake
Lightly dust the boule, invert onto a peel (or parchment). Slice the top, and place water in the pan, and place the dough in the oven. Reduce the baking temperature to 450 degrees. Bake until 210 degrees internal temperature.

2 days



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