Originally posted September 30, 2014

Rice With Red Sweet Potato

Rice With Red Sweet Potato by Amah

Adding sweet red potato to your rice would be more nutritious. More over, it is even better by replacing half of white rice with brown rice. If your rice cooker is not Tatung, likely you have the cooker made in Japan. It is okay to use it but just add a litter bit more water to the rice before cooking.


  • 1/2 cup of washed white & brown rice
  • 3 medium red sweet potatoes, peeled, washed & cut in 1" hunk
  • Water
4 servings


(Using a Tatung rice cooker, made in Taiwan

1.Take the inner cooker out from the rice cooker
2.Fill in rice, wash & drained
3. Add the cut potatoes to the inner cooker
4.Pour in 1 1/2 cup of water to the inner cooker & cover it with inner lid of cooker
5.In the rice cooker (the outer layer of the cooker) pour in 3 cups of water
6. Place the inner cooker into the rice cooker
6. Cover it with the lid of the outer layer cooker
6. Plug in & wait for signal when rice is done
7. Wait for 5-10 min. before open both lids.

30 min.



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