Originally posted October 15, 2015

Baked Sweet Potato with bacon grease

Baked Sweet Potato with bacon grease  by Amah

I was going to pour the grease out from a roasting pan after taking out the baked bacons from inside, at this moment an idea came to my mind, "Why not put some sliced sweet potato in to the pan and bake it that should taste good." And it came out delicious. But don't use too much grease though.


  • Bacon grease thinly cover the bottom of pan
  • 5 or 6 med size sweet potatoes, washed & sliced
  • Pepper & salt
4 servings


1. set oven for 400 degree
2 Put sliced potatoes in the roasting pan
3. Put in a little salt & pepper to your taste
4. Stir & mix well inside the pan
5. Spray the sliced potato in the baking pan
6. Bake around 25 min or until the potato turns soft
7. Pock the potatoes slice with chopstick to see if it is done

30 min.



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