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corn tortillas

corn tortillas by joanie

Homemade corn tortillas. What's not to love? They only take a few minutes to make, and my mother-in-law says they're the best. I'd like to think she's an authority, although she's not Mexican so keep that in mind...

And, yes. You'll need a tortilla press. The plate trick doesn't work, and it's not practical anyway. Even with a press, these tortillas are thick.

I've tried both Bob's Red Mill masa harina and Maseca. Both are masa made from corn and lime, but Bob's is yellow and Maseca is white. Bob's has a stronger corn flavor, too, so I personally think it's a better masa, especially if you go on to make chips or tamales.

Finally, I make slightly smaller tortillas because I can fit 3 five-inch ones in my skillet at one time. Of course, you can make them whatever size you want.


  • 1 cup Bob's Red Mill masa harina
  • 1 tsp kosher salt
  • 3/4 cup water
8 5" tortillas


Heat a skillet on medium-high heat.

Mix together masa, salt, and water in a bowl using a spatula. The texture should be like cookie dough, and when you press it together, it should be smooth. If it's cracked or crumbly, you should add a little water.

Scoop out a golfball-sized amount of dough and use your palms to roll it into a ball. Lay a sheet of wax paper on the tortilla press, and place the ball in the center. (Actually, I like my ball ever so slightly off-center toward the hinge because the handle side gets a little thin.) Top with another sheet of wax paper and press! You've got a tortilla!

Note: If the edge of your flattened tortilla looks jagged, then your dough needs a little more water.

Carefully peel the tortilla off the papers and immediately cook on the skillet. Flip and cook the other side. A little char is nice.

Repeat until you've exhausted the dough.

Serve warm.

15 minutes



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