Originally posted July 07, 2011

soy milk

soy milk by joanie

I always thought soy milk was okay until I lived in Malaysia, where I had fresh, warm soy milk dispensed from the back of a truck on the side of the road. Fresh! That was the secret between *good* soy milk and *delicious* soy milk.


  • 8 oz dried soy beans
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • water
1 1/2 quarts


Soak beans overnight in plenty of water. Rinse and drain.

Add half the beans to a blender and fill with water to the 4 cup line. Blend well. Pour the liquid into a large (5 qt.+) pot. Add the second half of the beans to the blender, fill with water to the 4 cup line, and blend well. Add this liquid to the pot.

Slowly heat on medium-high, skimming off the foam. (Beware: soy beans are very foamy! The mixture will boil over in an instant! Keep a close eye on it. Seriously.)

Once it reaches a boil, pour a cup of cold water into the pot and wait for a second boil. Repeat once more with another cut of cold water.

Once a third boil is reached, remove from heat and drain liquid through a tea towel to capture the scalding hot pulp. (This pulp is called okara and can be used as an ingredient in other recipes.)

Add sugar and mix well. Drink it warm or chill for later.

10 hours


  • Jo
    commented almost 8 years ago

    This sounds great! I will try it. Have you ever made chocolate soy milk?

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