Originally posted April 26, 2012

Eggs Poached in Spring Ratatouille

Eggs Poached in Spring Ratatouille by alchemisty

Eggs for dinner, deliciously.


  • 1/2 head cauliflower, chopped
  • 3 medium carrots, chopped
  • 1 large zucchini, chopped
  • 4 chopped green onions
  • 2 C marinara sauce
  • fresh chopped parsley
  • 1/4 t cayenne pepper
  • 4 eggs
  • 4 slices of toasted wheat bread
4 servings


saute all the chopped things in a large skilled with some olive oil, until tender (10 minutes or so). add the marinara, parsley and cayenne and cook until heated. make four indentations in the mixture and crack an egg into each one. cover the pan and cook for 6-10 minutes. If the eggs don't seem to be cooking all the way to the top, spoon some of the hot liquid from the marinara over the eggs to help them along. serve over toast.

40 minutes



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