Originally posted September 16, 2014

Mac and Cheese with smoked paprika and cauliflower

Mac and Cheese with smoked paprika and cauliflower by alchemisty

a yummy cheesy pasta dish made more tasty by smoked paprika and cauliflower.


  • 8 oz penne or other small pasta
  • 1/2 C shredded gouda
  • 1/2 C shredded sharp cheddar
  • 1 T olive oil
  • water
  • 1/2 large head cauliflower, chopped
  • 1/2 large yellow onion, chopped
  • 1/4-1/2 t smoked paprika
  • salt and pepper
  • reserved liquid from cooked pasta
  • panko
  • grated parmesan
4 servings


boil the pasta. drain and reserve some of the cooking liquid.

saute the cauliflower and onion in olive oil until browned. add some water and cook until tender.

grated the cheese. once the cauliflower is tender, dump the cheese on top.

pour the hot pasta on top of that and stir. add in some of the reserved cooking liquid and stir.

pour into a baking dish. top with panko and grated parmesan. bake at 350 until browned, 15-20 minutes.

45 minutes



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