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Our Story

We started Cookooree because we wanted to share recipes with our friends and family. A couple of recipe-sharing sites existed, but they weren't that democratic. They wanted to "kitchen-test" our recipes and decide if they were any good.

I wasn't looking to win a cooking competition. I just wanted to share my recipes. If my sister asked me how I made my granola–which is GREAT, btw–I wanted to send her a link or post it to Facebook.

We decided to build that service, and to do it in a way that emphasized the recipe. Big photos. Easy to read. White space.

We don't treat recipes as ad inventory. We're not selling magazine subscriptions, and we aren't trying to upsell premium services. We just want to share recipes.

We're a small rag-tag team having fun. Someday we'll think about making money. Until then, let's cook and tell each other about it!